Our range of taps with extra-short lead form E is also used in the automotive industry.


For large series, we offer tools with a surface treatment adapted to the material to be performed and the lubrication used.

  • The type of tap can be selected according to the material to be machined
  • Tools with internal coolant, available from stock or at short notice
  • Thread milling cutters or thread whirling cutters according to our basic programme or as special execution according to customer requirements
Rigid Tapping
  • The perfect synchronization of the spindle and the programmed feed
  • The pitch to be cut is determined by the spindle feed
  • The tap is rigidly clamped in the tool-holder
Classic thread cutting
  • Various geometries and surface coatings to choose from, depending on the material to be machined
  • Different flute forms, depending the kind of hole to be worked in
  • Choise of tolerance (standard, oversize, ….)
Thread forming
  • Different kind of forming lobes, universal, active or passive
  • Choice of surface coating depending on the material to be performed
  • Available with internal coolant from Ø 3 mm
Thread milling
  • High surface quality thanks to specific cutting edge conditioning.
  • Use of specific materials with high resistance and permitting having very clean surfaces
  • For ideal wear protection in abrasive materials and for even higher cutting values, we offer a complete programme with DC "VS" coating. (Other coatings are available on request)
Thread gauges
  • For cylindrical internal threads
  • For tapered internal threads
  • For cylindrical external threads
  • For tapered external threads
  • Round dies in HSS or in HSSE, for machine or manual use
  • Button dies for Swiss automatics in HSS or HSSE, with 2 securing holes
  • Hexagon die nuts in HSS, for manual use
  • Bell form type thread cutting dies in HSS for machine use
  • Tapping chucks SRT
  • Quick-change-adapters
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