Rigid Tapping

All modern CNC-machines are now equipped with the option so-called ”Rigid Tapping”.

Rigid Tapping

RTS - for a wide range of application
  • High cutting speeds possible = time saving
  • Simplified programming. Long tool life with the use of a tapping chuck with axial shock absorber type SRT
  • Shank tolerance h6, therefore shrinking possible
K - Swarf breaker
  • Guaranteed safe tapping process with no swarf nests and wild chips
  • With internal coolant with frontal outflow
  • For all kind of parts with blind holes with tapping depth < 4 x D, preceded by a counter-bore
QTAP - the DC Allrounder
  • Perfect interaction between the cutting geometry, the improved conditioning of the cutting edges, the new VS coating against wear and the specific basic material
  • For universal use in different kind of materials up to 1'150 N/mm2
SRT tapping chucks
  • Integrated quick-change adapter
  • Strongly increased tool life
  • Improved process safety
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