Customer Service

Partnership starts with the right service : Not offering the tool, but to offer the solutions. You can rely on our complete support so that performance and process security meets the expectations imposed from a high quality tool.
  • Technical assistance
  • Recommendations
  • Training
  • Stopping a series in production
  • To optimize an existing application
  • To find the right solution for complex work parts
  • Knowing there are specialists ready to help on site whenever needed

Expect this service from a supplier. Expect this service from a partner. Expect this service from us: Because your daily challenge is what drives us!

DC SWISS design produces and markets top of the range thread cutting tools intended for all companies and all materials. Solutions starting for thread diameter 0.3 up to 160 mm result in an astonishing program of over 8’200 standard products.

Thanks to our TASK Finder and our TOOL Finder, the search for the optimal tool was never easier. In case you need any further assistance, we stay to your complete disposal.

Contact us, written or by phone, we’re looking forward to your request!

DC SWISS offers a wide choice of practice-oriented customer training. No matter if you are beginner or expert; there is the right course for everyone. The mix of theory and practice is not only fun, but also the fundamental knowledge in threading engineering.

A selection of our training categories:

  • Thread cutting
  • Thread forming
  • Thread milling and whirling
  • Clamping technology for threading tools
  • Optimizing the tools performance and productivity

The training is followed by the popular DC factory tour. Experience the journey from a simple blank at the beginning until the final examination of the quality department, all the different steps of a modern production. You are invited to witness, how passion and precision creates the most advanced threading tools.

If a visit in our factory isn’t possible, we’ll come to you! With our customized on-site training, it’s easy to ensure that your team has the right skills in threading technology.


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