Classic thread cutting

Conventional tapping is the most common machining method for making internal threads.

Machine taps

Extensive basic tap programme for different applications and materials.

  • Various geometries and surface coatings to choose from, depending on the material to be machined
  • Different flute forms, depending the kind of hole to be worked in
  • Choise of tolerance (standard, oversize, ….)
N - Normal materials
  • The ultimate standard tool
  • Availabe in blanc version, with DC "V" surface treatment or with TiN and TiCN coating
  • Works on a wide range of materials < 850 N/mm2
QTAP - the DC Allrounder
  • Perfect interaction between the cutting geometry, the improved conditioning of the cutting edges, the new VS coating against wear and the specific basic material
  • For universal use in different kind of materials up to 1'150 N/mm2
Z - Tough materials
  • Version "V" - with DC "V" surface treatment, for use with cutting oil
  • Version VS - with DC "VS" wear protective coating for use with emulsion or cutting oil
  • Version Z.73VS - with internal coolant with frontal outflow
W - Soft materials
  • W-DLC - for aluminium with a low silicon content (< 9 % Si)
  • With yellow ring for material classification "W"
H - High tensile materials
  • For short chip brass, phosphor bronze, gun metal, lead free brass
  • For Duroplastics and glass fibre reinforced plastics
  • DC "VH" wear-protective coating for high-tensile and abrasive materials
S - Special alloys
  • For hardened / tempered alloy steels; ferritic and martensitic stainless steels; nickel alloys 2
  • With DC "VS" wear-protective coating for general use
  • With green ring for material classification "S"
SA - Special alloys (AERO)
  • SA320-4 / SA350-3 - For special alloyed materials > 850 - < 1'150 N/mm2
  • SA390 - particularly stable design for nickel alloy 3 > 1'150 - 1'600 N/mm2
  • With green ring for material classification "SA" - AERO
TL - Titanium alloys (AERO)
  • With DC "VS" treatment to improve the sliding properties and to avoid cold welding
  • TL.51VS - with interrupted thread for less heat generation
  • TL.51VS - for through and blind holes < 2 x D
GG - Grey cast iron, cast-aluminium, magnesium alloys.
  • Version NV with plasma nitriding + "V"
  • Version TC with TiCN coating (Titanium-carbonitride coating)
  • Version GG.53TC - with internal coolant with frontal outfolw and TiCN coating
K - Swarf breaker
  • Guaranteed safe tapping process with no swarf nests and wild chips
  • With internal coolant with frontal outflow
  • For all kind of parts with blind holes with tapping depth < 4 x D, preceded by a counter-bore.
N470V - Crown taps
  • For through and blind holes
  • Chip accumulation capacity of the recess: up to Ø 30 mm: 1.2 x D / from Ø 30 mm: 1.4 x D
  • On request available up to Ø 160 mm
N5951 - Combination drill/taps
  • Center, countersink, drill and tap with one only tool
  • Ideal for use on CNC-machines, drilling and boring units, turret lathes and tapping machines
ZX - Alu-bronze alloys (Ampco®)
  • Optimal for AMPCO® 21 / 22 with a hardness of HB > 280 - < 330
  • Suitable for AMPCO® 18, 25 and 26 with a hardness of HB < 420
  • With blue ring for material classification "Z"
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