Thread milling

DC solid carbide thread milling cutters and thread whirl cutters for the easy manufacturing of through and blind holes, for right- and left-hand threads, with one only tool used on a stable CNC machine with 3-D-continuous path control.

Thread milling

All machining operations can be carried out at high feed rates, resulting in increased efficiency. The DC solid carbide thread milling cutters are universally suitable for almost all materials.

  • All DC solid carbide thread milling cutters are supplied with spiral flutes. These guarantee smooth concentricity and perfect chip removal.
  • For threads to be cut near to the bottom of blind holes
  • Use of specific materials with high resistance and permitting having very clean surfaces
  • For ideal wear protection in abrasive materials and for even higher cutting values, we offer a complete programme with DC "VS" coating. (Other coatings are available on request)
Thread whirl cutters GW
  • GW1***: Universal application, high process security
  • GW2***: Feed rate multiplied by the number of teeth, less wear, longer tool life
  • GW3***: Safe process, reduction in NC-corrections, for threading depths up to 4 x D1
Thread whirl cutters GWi - GWH
  • GWi3***: Optimal and specific supply of lubricant, improved chip evacuation
  • GWi5***: With specific geometry, which allows finishing milling of the inside diameter and deburring of the profile produced
  • GWH3***: Special cutting geometry for high process security when machining high-tensile materials up to 63 HRC
Circular drill thread milling cutter ZBGF Series 6000
  • High surface quality thanks to specific cutting edge conditioning
  • LH rotation - climb milling - left-hand cutting for less pressure on the cutting edges
  • For threading depths up to 3 x D1
Thread Milling
  • Type GF: Standard execution, for flexible thread manufacturing. For threads to be cut near to the bottom of blind holes
  • Type GFH: with adapted cutting geometry for making threads in hardened steels ≤ 63 HRC
  • Type GFS: 45° countersinking and thread milling with one only tool
  • Type GFM: One only tool for threads of a wide range of diameters with the same pitch
Thrillers type BGF
  • Type BGF with 2 flutes: With 45° chamfer for countersinking. With 27° right-hand spiral flutes
  • Type BGF with 3 flutes: With 45° chamfer for countersinking. With 27° right-hand spiral flutes. The 3 flutes ensure perfect centring and stable milling, thus generating optimal productivity
  • Internal cooling channel for better chip evacuation.
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