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DC nano programme for tapping, milling, thread whirling and gauging threads from 0.3 mm diameter.

Master the smallest and most precise threaded connections thanks to our nano threading tools.

  • Programme nano for taps and thread formers in HSSE-PM and solid carbide
  • Programme thread whirl cutters nano from diameter 0.3 mm
  • Programme nano thread gauges, plug check gauges, master plug gauges WEAR and calibration thread plug gauges with SCS certificate
Nano thread
  • Thread cutting
  • Thread forming
  • Thread whirling / thread milling
Thread whirl cutters nano GWi - GWH
  • GWi3***: Optimal and specific supply of lubricant, improved chip evacuation
  • GWi5***: With specific geometry, which allows finishing milling of the inside diameter and deburring of the profile produced
  • GWH3***: Special cutting geometry for high process security when machining high-tensile materials up to 63 HRC
Thread whirl cutters nano GW
  • GW1***: Universal application, high process security
  • GW2***: Feed rate multiplied by the number of teeth, less wear, longer tool life
  • GW3***: Safe process, reduction in NC-corrections, for threading depths up to 4 x D1
Thread gauges nano
  • Thread plug gauges & ring gauges DN in single sets
  • Stricter manufacturing requirements than for the current standards
  • Solide carbide spotting drills
  • Solid carbide twist drills
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