General terms and conditions of sale


Orders, which cannot be delivered from stock, will be acknowledged. Items, which do not belong any more to our standard programme, although still featured in the catalogue, will be invoiced as «specials». Orders may only be cancelled by mutual written agreement.

Quotations and acknowledgements

For reasons of constant development in this field, all descriptions mentioned in our quotations, annexed documents, weight indications, measurements as well as illustrations and drawings are approximate indications. These technical data have binding value only if expressively specified.


Our prices are quoted for deliveries ex works Malleray, excluding VAT, packing, insurance, freight, customs’ and legalisation duties. Should prices increase, we reserve the right to invoice tools already acknowledged at the new prices.


Payments must be made in advance or against irrevocable and confirmed documentary credit to be opened in our favour with a Swiss bank. All banking commissions and charges have to be borne by the buyer.

Right of ownership

We reserve the right of ownership of all goods supplied until the sales price, plus all incidental charges, have fully been paid.


Deliveries take place at the purchaser’s risk.


Confirmed delivery dates are non-binding. We will do our utmost to maintain them. However, we cannot accept responsibility of direct or consequential losses due to delayed deliveries.

Special orders

For all special tools we reserve the right to over or under supply the ordered quantity by up to 15 %, or on small quantities by 1 or 2 pieces.


Tools recognised to be defective by DC will be replaced free of charge, but without prejudice.


Complaints will be considered only within 15 days after receipt of the goods.

Drawings and sketches

The reproduction or transmission of drawings and other documents to a third party are prohibited. The information (drawings and prints) in our catalogue is for guidance only and is not binding.

Special conditions

In the case of partial or total disruption of our production; we reserve the right to partially or totally cancel our delivery commitments.


All disputes are subject to Swiss Law. The seat of court of law will be Moutier