Nano thread

Master the smallest and most precise threaded connections.

Nano thread

Our experience in micromechanics and watchmaking is a guarantee of reliability. High quality tools start with the use of high quality raw materials.

  • Thread cutting
  • Thread forming
  • Thread whirling / thread milling
Machine taps nano
  • Accuracy and repeatability of the tool by manufacturing in a single clamping operation
  • Versatile DC "VS" wear-protective coating for long tool life in series production
  • Execution made of HSSE-PM or solid carbide.
Machine thread formers nano
  • Improved wear resistance thanks to the DC "VS" coating
  • Execution made of HSSE or solid carbide
  • Measurably higher tear-out strength of the thread due to the forming process
Thread whirl cutters nano GW
  • GW1***: Universal application, high process security
  • GW2***: Feed rate multiplied by the number of teeth, less wear, longer tool life
  • GW3***: Safe process, reduction in NC-corrections, for threading depths up to 4 x D1
Thread whirl cutters nano GWi - GWH
  • GWi3***: Optimal and specific supply of lubricant, improved chip evacuation
  • GWi5***: With specific geometry, which allows finishing milling of the inside diameter and deburring of the profile produced
  • GWH3***: Special cutting geometry for high process security when machining high-tensile materials up to 63 HRC
Tapping chucks
  • With collets ER8
  • Strongly increased tool life
  • Improved process safety
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