We have developed a special programme with several types of tools with cutting geometries adapted to the materials used in the aerospace industry, such as super alloys, titanium alloys, aluminium alloys, composites, glass fibre reinforced plastics.


We offer solutions for cutting taps as well as for thread whirling and thread milling cutters, with a wide range of tools without a radius on the outside Ø of the thread. Alternative: with a radius on the outside Ø in accordance with ISO 3161 and ISO 5855 (the rounded thread crest avoids sharp, breakable angles for secure clamping).

  • Taps made in HSSE-PM, programme AERO, type S, SA, TL
  • Special DC taps for ""J"" threads - with radius on the outside diameter, for MJ, UNJC, UNJF threads
  • Wide standard range of solid carbide thread milling cutters for different applications in different materials
Thread milling
  • High surface quality thanks to specific cutting edge conditioning.
  • Use of specific materials with high resistance and permitting having very clean surfaces
  • For ideal wear protection in abrasive materials and for even higher cutting values, we offer a complete programme with DC "VS" coating. (Other coatings are available on request)
Classic thread cutting
  • Various geometries and surface coatings to choose from, depending on the material to be machined
  • Different flute forms, depending the kind of hole to be worked in
  • Choise of tolerance (standard, oversize, ….)
Thread gauges
  • For cylindrical internal threads
  • For tapered internal threads
  • For cylindrical external threads
  • For tapered external threads
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