DC SWISS presents, in partnership with Azurea Microtechnique SA

Solution Safelock®

The advantages of the Safelock self-locking system

Azurea Microtechnique SA

One of the 5 companies in the Azurea Group, which has over 250 employees and 110 CNC machines, Azurea Microtechnique SA is specialised in the medical and microtechnology sectors.

Thanks to its technical skills and production facilities, the company can help its customers to produce complex components and sub-assemblies with high added value. Its ISO 13485:2016 certification guarantees the quality of components intended for medical devices.


The challenges facing Azurea Microtechique SA

For a sub-assembly intended for an implantable medical device, made up of biocompatible components (Titanium and Peek), the project managers at Azurea Microtechnique SA needed to find a technological solution that would ensure the indestructible strength of the assembled elements without the addition of glue.

The solution proposed by DC SWISS SA

A conventional screw connection with symmetrical threading left a gap between the flanks of the threads, compromising the mechanical strength of the application at Azurea Microtechnique SA, DC SWISS suggested using the asymmetrical profile of Safelock tools, which ensure continuous helical contact along the entire thread length.

This solution distributes the tensile force and guarantees 100% reliable mechanical strength of the assembled components without the use of glue.


The advantages of the Safelock® self-locking system

  • Easy assembly, without chemical additives and 100% reliable
  • Guaranteed resistance to shock and vibration
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Easy to dismantle and reassemble
  • 25% less locking torque

The results

The patented Safelock threaded self-locking assembly system was evaluated by Azurea and found to meet the requirements perfectly.

Thanks to the Safelock system, Azurea Microtechnique SA can guarantee the reliable assembly of its machined components and the success of this medical device.