Online tool selection

Use the right threading tool

Dear customers 

Are you looking for a threading tool adapted to your needs? Are you convinced that you are using the right DC SWISS product for thread machining?  

On our homepage you will find 3 ways to search. 

Quick Finder: To start, you can use the material number of the part to select the desired manufacturing method. You will then be automatically directed to the job search tool for thread definition and suggested solutions. If you already know our material number or designation, you can use the QUICK Finder to extract the most important dimensions directly from the tool. 

TASK Finder : The entry is based on the desired manufacturing methods, which is useful if you do not know the exact article number but know the application group. 

The TOOL Finder allows you to start with the known product families and discover the different variants within the family depending on the thread size. 

Finally, the three variants lead you to the electronic catalogue, which shows you the tool properties and the intended areas of application. You can also use the download area for your documentation and go directly to our online shop. 

If you cannot find a suitable threading tool or are still a little unsure of your choice, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team without obligation!